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All memories at your
finger tips

Get to know your digital companion.

Bring Your Timeless Memories to Life: Preserve Your Precious Moments with Echom.AI

Step into a world of possibilities where you can chat with your Artificial Self, relive your favorite memories, and connect with friends, co-worker, employees and family in a whole new way.

You get to create your own AI Avatar, making it just the way you want – like your own digital twin, full of your memories and personality.

Watch as your AI friend learns and grows with you, becoming someone you can rely on and share great moments with.

Value and protect your personal Data

Connect sources and enrich your personal AI

Effortlessly connect different data sources to enrich your personal AI’s understanding of your preferences, needs, and behavior. Discover how this synergy between your data and AI can assist you in making informed decisions, recalling significant events, cherishing important moments, and building a lasting legacy.

Connect your daily services to automate your training process

Teach your Artificial self

Use our „to do list“ to train & develop your Artificial Self

Create and customize your personal AI companion, molding it to reflect your unique personality, memories, and experiences. Watch as your AI evolves and grows alongside you, becoming a trusted digital companion.

Your Database

All your data at your Fingertips

Access your entire digital legacy effortlessly with our intuitive interface. Organize and explore your photos, videos, documents, and more in one central hub, making it easy to relive and share your cherished memories.

Meet Echom

Interact with Your Artificial Self

Dive into the world of possibilities as you interact with your AI-generated representation. Engage in meaningful conversations, relive memories, and discover a new way of connecting with loved ones.

Data to Action

Safeguard Your Privacy and Preserve Your Legacy

With advanced privacy measures and secure encryption, Echom.AI prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your digital legacy. Take control of your data and decide who can access and interact with your personal AI, ensuring your legacy is preserved.

Our Journey is our Promise

Echom.AI is currently in its developmental phase, having secured initial funding and nearing the completion of its alpha version. Presented below is our comprehensive product roadmap, offering insights into what lies ahead. By becoming an pioneer, you gain an integral role in shaping the development of this product that is dedicated to safeguarding your legacy. Embrace this opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and be instrumental in creating something truly extraordinary.

August 2022
August 2022 Journey Starts

With a cool and innovative spirit, Echom.AI was conceived, and a dedicated team was assembled. Guided by the visionary founders, we diligently tackled the challenge of crafting a cutting-edge AI-driven solution. Our mission? Empowering individuals to safeguard their cherished memories and forge an enduring legacy.

December 2022
December 2022

Product Development

Moving forward, our journey led us to the crucial phase of product development. Our dedicated team, driven by the founders' vision, worked diligently to turn ideas into reality. We created a detailed project design, including wireframes, prototypes, and AI-technical specifications. Then, we initiated development, with a laser focus on core features and functionality.

August 2023
August 2023

Alpha Phase "Artificial Intelligence Software"

Advancing in our journey, we've now entered the pivotal Alpha Phase of our Artificial Intelligence Modell the heart and brain of

We've methodically prepared a plan for this stage, defining its duration and objectives, and have recruited Pioneers from our target audience.

Their valuable feedback guides us as we gradually expand the alpha release, shaping our AI-driven solution for a wider audience.

September 2023
September 2023

Pre-Launch "Smartphone Application" I Level 2 Version

We're partnering with Pioneers to take the final steps in developing our Alpha product. These pioneers will have early access to the Application - the tool to interact and work with our AI Modell - available on both Android and iOS.

Through this app, they can use our Artificial Intelligence to create their unique virtual selves Level 2 version right from the start.


Official Launch

We're getting ready to launch our product! We've picked a date, made sure everything's working smoothly, and we'll be watching closely to fix any problems that come up. Get ready to try out our product soon!

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