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What is is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows you to create, preserve and interact with your digital self, creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

How does work? utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze and learn from your uploaded data, including photos, videos, and voice notes. It then creates a personalized virtual representation of you, accessible through the platform.

What is the Exclusive Pioneer offer?
Our exclusive pioneer offer allows early users to enjoy early access to for a reduced fee. With this account, you become a pioneer in shaping and developing the AI’s capabilities.
What can I do with my account?

With, you can interact with your virtual self, store memories, thoughts, and emotions, and even receive AI-generated responses based on your past data.

How can I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for an account by visiting our website and following the simple registration process. Remember, the initial offer for a lifetime account is limited, so act fast!

What is the special Lifetime Account offer?

Our special Lifetime Account offer allows early users to enjoy lifetime access to for a one-time fee. With this account, you become a pioneer in shaping and developing the AI’s capabilities.

What happens to my account after my passing?
At Echom.AI, we understand the importance of preserving your legacy for generations to come. In the event of your passing, your account will be transformed into a “Memory Account.”
Rest assured that your Memory Account will remain online, exactly as you have customized it, and your chosen privacy settings will continue to be respected.
Additionally, to honor your wishes, neither you nor your relatives will be required to pay any fees for the account’s maintenance.
Your Memory Account will serve as a digital memorial, capturing your essence and allowing your loved ones to cherish your memories forever.
For added peace of mind, you can also decide whether your relatives have permission to make any modifications to your Memory Account. By maintaining control over these settings, you can ensure that your legacy remains intact and reflects your unique journey even after you’ve passed on.
How secure is my data on

We take data security seriously. Your data is stored in secure environments, and only you can decide who has access to it – whether public or within a private “Golden Circle” of invited individuals.

Can I delete my account if I change my mind?

Yes, you can terminate your account at any time by contacting our support team or using the functionality within the platform. We will erase all your data upon your request.

When launch?’s closed Alpha Version is set to launch in September 2023. The Open BETA Launch is planned for end of 2024. Be sure to join as an early user and witness the journey from the very beginning!

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